Skillsoft Bootcamp Overview

Delivering training in a cost-effective and timely manner.

Bootcamp Overview
Accelerated Virtual & On-Demand Learning

With five generations at work, learners have different requirements, but they all want to be able to access training when and where they need to. Skillsoft Bootcamp delivers virtual and on-demand training, delivered by our expert instructors.

Skillsoft Bootcamp enables learners to access invaluable instruction and real-world insights from leading experts, collaborate in scheduled virtual classroom sessions, and then replay prior sessions on-demand to refresh and validate knowledge. Skillsoft Bootcamp includes curated resources to enhance, refresh and validate the learning, all while building confidence and accelerate knowledge retention.

Skillsoft Bootcamp offers three ways for learners to access classes:

  • Live - live scheduled sessions with expert instructors where the learner can interact with the instructor and other learners.
  • Encore - learners can experience the original recorded session as part of a program of training they are taking.
  • Self-Paced - On-demand access to previous Live sessions, refresh and reinforce the learning any time.

The Advantages of Skillsoft(r) Bootcamp

  • Expert Led - Skillsoft Bootcamp is led by our IT expert instructors, who have delivered over half a million hours of training
  • Modalities - we offer a wide range of learning modalities including lecture presentations, mentoring and class notes, labs and study guides.
  • Labs - hands-on labs and simulations to practice and reinforce learning.
  • Assessments - learners can take pre-and post-assessments, designed to provide baseline knowledge checkpoint with ongoing knowledge check capabilities to help monitor skills development and progress.
  • Mentoring - access to expert mentors as a coach for building confidence and knowledge around a subject.
  • Student Guide - as self-study reinforce the learning and prepare for a certification exam.
  • Practice Exams - wide selection of practice exams to validate skills proficiency and certification readiness.

Skillsoft Bootcamp is available for Cisco, CompTIA, Microsoft, PMP and VMWare.

Core Subjects:

  • Cisco Systems
  • Microsoft Technical
  • CompTIA
  • VMware
  • Project Management
  • Application Development